Gluten Free Communion and confessions of a former vegan

Hey there!  Today was super busy.  My  husband’s first father’s day, church, his soccer game, and a host of other community events to attend kept me busy.  Our dinner was something that I wouldn’t have considered two years ago:  Grilled Steak, potatoes, and broccoli!  See…I used to be a vegan (actually was a vegetarian for 20 years and a vegan for several).   To make a long story short…I had to find a diet that could sustain me and keep me healthy with two autoimmune disease and a mandated dietary restriction.  So, yes my diet includes animal protein (we try for grass fed).   It was a shift, I’ll tell you!  I have definitely changed my cooking habits over time and I’ve also accepted that I am a complex person with basic needs..nutrition being one of them!

Community is also important for me and my family.  I think community can come in various forms for so many reasons – but having community supports me.  That said, my first thing to seek out once I went gluten free was a local Celiac support group for community because I definitely feel excluded from the rest of my world’s food-culture.

Anyway, something happened this morning at church that made me stop and wonder at how amazing  life is!  We go to a church where communion is served and our minister suggested that the entire congregation is going to go gluten-free (no kidding!!) to make it easier.  I was floored!  I didn’t ask for this extra effort (in fact I was willing to forgo communion if it was too much)…but I guess it just shows me that people really can and do step up. Community is so important and I’m glad that I can be gluten free and not feel like an outcast everywhere.

Do you have a community that involves food?  How does going gluten-free affect your relationships in your community?