Zippy jiffy snacks

We had a busy morning. Started with an early BETYA breakfast so we could get to the pool by 9.  I only did 1000 yards because today was a lighter training day and we would be hiking later on so I didn’t want to run out of energy too soon!  The drive between places is about 45 minutes and my little one napped in the car.  It’s worth it because on either end he has playtime with other little ones.

After my swim I snacked on these!

IMG_20130612_102629_410 IMG_20130612_102603_265

Although I prefer using glass containers for food storage, I have to say that since my diagnosis, I have used a ton of Ziplock baggies.  They are SO helpful.  Need to get more eco-friendly containers, though.  Anyone have a tried and true, toddler-proof, eco-friendly food storage recommendation???

We had a hike scheduled with some other  young moms/babes.  So I went prepared with snacks for my little one as always.  I don’t usually post too much about him but I will say that if there was any brand of packaged food that we rely on outside of homemade whole foods, it’s the Happy family brand since they are organic and gluten free (so I don’t get glutened by what my baby eats when he sticks his hand in my mouth!).

By the time we got back home I was so hungry!! I reheated some turkey meatloaf from last night’s dinner and had a handful of sweet cherries.  Yum!


Later on I snacked AGAIN on an apple with a spoonful of almond butter.  I’m super excited because I found out about a wholesome food service that we might buy into for great food at affordable cost.  More about that later!

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