Gluten Free Fake-outs & whole food gratitude

Ahh! So good to be back blogging. Yesterday was so hectic that I didn’t have a moment to sit and type. So here we are…

I’m just back from coffee with a friend at the local-best-most-scrumptious-place-to-eat-baked goods where you can also shop for flowers and pick your own berries. Otherwise known as a farm. They have “Gluten Free” stuff for sale but, alas, they were Gluten Free fake-outs so I chose the coffee and good company (and happy belly).
I’m not one to rant and complain but I am going speak out today in honor of Celiac Awareness. If a company labels a product gluten free, it should be prepared in a tested gluten-free kitchen with tested gluten free ingredients!  Am I right?! I’m all for the frenzy of gluten-free food groupies, but, I am not for the lack of knowledge about food prep and how cross-contamination and trace amounts of gluten affect people with Celiac’s Disease.  That is all.  Thankyouverymuch!

On to what I actually had for breakfast 🙂  Yes, this morning was truly scrumptious and sans anything baked:  fresh avocado,Lundberg Wild Blend of wild and whole grain brown rice, along side a hard boiled egg and my tried an true swiss-water decaf (black).  I definitely need the energy today!  Love whole foods – they are truly something I am grateful for!



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