Well, the little one is down for the count (naptime) so I have a quick moment to check in! I had a hearty potatoes/bacon breakfast – Yum!


And added my new favorite cup of Joe.  After taking lactose out of my coffee I’ve been experimenting a little.  Because I nurse my son I drink a Swiss-water processed decaf coffee and I’ve added in some dark cocoa powder and a teeny bit of agave nectar for a mocha kick!


I had an awesome swim this morning. I can only thank the supplements and gluten free goodness of late for a shift in my energy and endurance!  After swimming it’s a while before I can get back to my kitchen sometimes, so I try to keep gluten free snacks from home in the car.  Today I had some pistachios to snack on!
I also try to make a point of having water from home with me at all times (this bottle is BPA free…and I make sure not to leave it in the car with sunlight just in case there’s any other nasty chemicals that could leach into the water with sun exposure.


I’m looking forward to meeting up with my friends from our local book club tonight.  This month we read The Language of Flowers, which was just beautifully written by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.  Have you read any great fiction recently?  I’m looking for ideas…