Hail in June

So –  I have to give the scoop on last nights dinner prepared by my darling husband.  Hubby's hamburger
Yes, you’re seeing his version of gluten free burger night (grass fed ground beef, cheddar and bacon included). See the influence he has on me?! Yikes! Once my little one was asleep I did a 30 minute incline treadmill workout and we watched Ironman 2. I love Saturday movie nights!!

Today I started the morning off with scrambled eggs, almond-buttered millet-chia bread and a peach. After church, my midmorning snack was some fresh carrots and vegetable hummus. I love Cedar’s brand of hummus: just the right amount of tahini!

We had a crazy thunderstorm right in the middle of the day – with hail and about 3 inches of rain! So that changed my gardening plans a bit.  Today was a great day to catch up with my hubby and recharge with community.  I’m psyched to get back to the pool in the am. ..my goal is to swim 1-2 1000 yards. I am trying to build up my endurance for an open water race next month…now for a good night’s sleep!!

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