Berry good breakfast

Today’s breakfast came together quickly with blueberries on gluten free granola with almond milk.

granola, almond milk and blueberries

and millet-chia bread topped with almond butter.

almond buttered millet-chia bread

Getting protein at every meal is super important to maintain a steady energy level with a gluten free diet.  Also, since Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder, I’m calling it quits with refined sugars (so berries will do well with breakfast).

I also made my little one some french toast (aka millet-chia bread with egg). IMG_20130531_100705_979

Then we were ready to start our day!  After a swim workout at the local Y, we headed over to get my labs done…just to make sure all is well on that front.  My little one was very curious about the whole ordeal!  I was glad to get him into the air-conditioning on a really hot day!

I’m hoping to find out the results in a couple of days …(fingers crossed!)  I feel so grateful that we have such great health care in this area, as well as the insurance coverage to help offset the costs of sorting out all these issues.