Greek Yogurt and Granola

Good morning!
Our mornings are getting off to a later and later  start as the sun is rising earlier it seems.  I’m still getting sick from gluten even though we’ve gone gluten free at home.  My Dr. said that’s possible for up to 6 months post dx?!!   So…yeah.  We have to get our schedule back in shape and our guts feeling some goodness.
Anyway, this morning was an easy breakfast using some great Gluten Free ready made products:  Chobani Greek Yogurt, Chappaqua Granola and SueBee Honey.  Honey is not great for little ones under 12 months so my little guy had eggs and fresh veggies for his morning meal. They all came together quickly for a tasty start to the day! Hope that you gave a wonderful day full of goodness!

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